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Safety of Children in Apartments- Common Area Electric Issues

We are inexpressibly saddened by the accident that happened in an Apartment Community recently where a 6 year old boy got electrocuted.

The little one was playing in the common area, the most common sight in the evenings in every gated community. While retrieving a ball he touched a lamp post which apparently was short-circuited.

The loss of the life is irreparable for the parents, we can hardly imagine the state of the mind when such a thing happens in one of the safest places they have chosen to be – a gated community.

However, there are risks of such electrocution in many gated communities. Common Area Lighting, Decoration lights during festivals, all such electricity usages that are kept openly accessible in common area (and hence to children) must be heavily safeguarded and periodically audited.

We must look inward – what is in our control – and ensure not another child or adult falls in such high-risk deathtrap. Here is a picture of the garden lamps in the author’s own community. Very easily accessible by children.

GateKeeper Children Safety


Here are some tips regards to this incident we can come up with. Please share any you may have.

1) In common areas, wall mount lighting instead of mounting them on iron poles.

2) If poles are unavoidable create an insulating barrier around the poll – made of fibre/wood or other insulators.

3) Enforce safety standards for Decorational lighting during community events – most carelessness happens in this area in the rush of festive preparations.

4) Perform a weekly audit of all such electrical equipment out in the open in the common area, check for proper wiring and insulation best practices (e.g., in older communities common area lamp posts do not have switches. Instead, they have wires that have to be connected and disconnected each time – keeping open high risks of a stray strand of wire coming in touch with the pole. )


Found a hanging cable or open electric point? Snap a picture on the ADDA app > Helpdesk, do your duty to report.

Each Resident is the eye and ear of the maintenance team. A living community is one of the most complex infrastructures, maintained with constrained resources. A community that takes responsibility to be the ear and eye of the Maintenance Team can mitigate such Safety Risks.


Common area electrical installations exposed to the public are considered for review as under

  1. Test ELR ( Earth Leakage Relay) periodically in the electric panel.
  2. Individual light poles erected to be in touch with the ground to enable tripping of ELR
  3. Avoid lose wiring
  4. Tightening screws of the MCB connected to electric poles
  5. Ensure external electrical panels are covered and locked always.
  6. Waterproofing tapes to be used for external wiring connections.
  7. Armored cables are to be used While laying cable in soil/garden
  8. Armour portion of Armoured cable should be in contact with the panel.
  9. Gardeners should be educated about the cables laid in the garden area.
  10. Vegetation growth around the electrical panel and poles should be cleaned.

The above-mentioned pointers are courtesy of Mr. Vinod KC (Brigade Group)

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For Management Committee Residents

Apartment Security App, ADDA Gatekeeper in PC (using browser)

Now use the Apartment Security App, ADDA GateKeeper using the device of your choice! It’s the era of device independence!

Introducing the all new ADDA Gatekeeper App in Web.

GateKeeper PC

Why is having Apartment Security App, ADDA GateKeeper on Browser a big deal?

This is mainly because of 2 reasons:

1. Every Residential Community typically has a unique Security Setup: Security Gate design, number of entry/exit gates, etc. Ability to use ADDA GateKeeper on a PC, helps in setting up the Security Model as per your unique requirements.

Example: A centralized security system running in a desktop, paired with multiple Android devices working around it, between which data sync happens seamlessly.

2. Having a robust device is the core to having a robust Security Infrastructure. If you have a dedicated Security Cabin, with good amount of visitor traffic at the Gate, having a dedicated PC, is a long term solution for having visitor management online.

Contact our expert Security Consulting group in case you need help with designing/re-thinking your Security Infrastructure.

About the Apartment Security App, ADDA GateKeeper:

The ADDA Gatekeeper App is the perfect solution for visitor management, which brings the security gate online. It manages all the entries and exits at the gate. One can get notified, whenever a visitor/staff visits their apartment. Also, approve or deny a visitor, with just a tap of a finger in the Apartment Security App.

Talk to our Product Specialist

The Gatekeeper app  has various useful features. Whenever a visitor is at the gate, the security guard can capture and verify the details of the visitor. Verification can be done either by app notification, intercom or by phone call. The app has different sections for entry and exit records of visitors. Also, one can keep track of all the staff and maintain their attendance records.

The Gatekeeper App in Web fully resonates the Gatekeeper App with all the functionalities.

Here are the salient features released as a part of the new Gatekeeper App in Web:

  • Ability to capture and verify visitor details at the Gate
  • Sending real time notifications on visitors to residents and getting their approval/denial through App notifications
  • Integration with Bluetooth Gate Pass Printers.
  • Integration with bio metric devices to keep records of staff attendance

and much more….

So what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with us and we will help you setup your own custom security infrastructure.

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For Management Committee

4 Reasons to Gift ADDA The Apartment SuperApp to Your Community in 2020

ADDA, The Apartment SuperApp comes fully loaded with awesome-possum features like Communication, Billing & Online Collection, complete Accounting, Helpdesk & Facility Management, and Visitor Management & Security.


But you already know all that, don’t you?!

So, what the other reasons why one does not simply miss out having ADDA in their Apartment Community?

UPI Payments Gateway Integration

ADDA is India’s only Apartment Management Platform which offers UPI Payments Gateway for collecting Maintenance, Facility Booking, Sinking Fund, and any other dues payable to the Society Association. Thanks to NPCI and our Gateway partners, we were able to implement it and take a step forward to Cashless Communities.

What more is that the Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) is ZERO irrespective of the amount value.

How does it help the residents?

Residents now can pay via the quickest online transfer mode and forget the hassles of OTPs and netbanking credentials. The best part is Residents can now earn Cashback on maintenance and other payments by paying via Apps such as Paytm, PhonePe, GooglePay, and BHIM. There is no additional charge if your Association is absorbing the MDR for payments over Rs.2000.

ADDA Gatekeeper for Apartment Community Desktop version

Tablets and phones always have a way of getting lost, even more with changing hands! Especially if the security personnel in your Apartment Gate keeps changing. Not to mention that the tabs and phones are quite expensive, so losing them incurs a loss for the Apartment Association!

To solve this issue, we have slightly modified our Gatekeeper App to support on Desktop computers and the only one in India to have such a feature. The desktop version not only offers faster access to visitor entry because of ease of operation for Gate Security personnel but also security, as it generally seen that desktop computers don’t have the habit of getting lost easily!

Click here to check out the major features in ADDA Gatekeeper

Global Best Practices in Apartment Community Management

ADDA is fully compliant with Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) across multiple countries.

What is RERA?

RERA is a regulatory body that enforces a set of guidelines bought by the government to prohibit discrepancies in the real estate industry. Therefore making it more transparent and accountable in favor of home buyers. Read more about RERA here.

ADDA’s Accounting module also fully compatible with account and audit patterns for multiple countries. It offers End to end Accounting from defining a chart of accounts to the generation of final balance sheet and audit. No matter how complicated your accounting is, our module it foolproof.

Battle-hardened Track Record of 10 Years in Community Management

Been there, done that!

ADDA has come a long, long way from starting in 2008. With Research and Development for over 5 years and evolving, ADDA is the most advanced and only Apartment Management System in the world which covers all the aspects for Residents, for Owners’s Associations, and also for Builders/Property Managers.

ADDA, used by 1.2 million users and 20,000+ associations managed worldwide offers full 360 degrees of service including ERP and Security Solutions. We are proud to say that, it’s the only platform you’ll ever need to manage your community/property, hassle-free and seamlessly from anywhere on earth.

The new year also means new resolutions, so strap in and contact us for the smoothest ride in Society Management and Gift ADDA to your Apartment Community today!

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