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For Management Committee Residents

ApartmentADDA is Rebranded to just ADDA!

“Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts”, Arnold Bennett.

That said, our jolly old apartmentadda.com is now redirected to our new website adda.io as a part of this Rebranding. Don’t worry! We are your same old ApartmentADDA – just rebranded!

Advantages of the Rebranded ADDA:

  1. It is GLOBAL! Over the last 10 years, ADDA has grown by leaps and bounds with Worldwide operations and Offices across India, Dubai & Singapore.
  2. The new website is faster and more user-friendly.
  3. It’s just waaaaaaay cooler and totally awesome! Just like Anne Hathaway was in The Dark Knight Rises as Catwoman.

Wait! ….. What?! You were looking for an actual story? 😀

We proudly welcome you to the improved and rebranded ADDA.

Please don’t forget to Contact Us and raise a Support Ticket in case of any problems – our Support Ninjas will dive into your assistance immediately.

Read the full Press Release from ADDA


Press Release

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