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Society Security Guards & Cleaners : An Ode

Stay Home, Stay Safe. If this is your mantra for survival through the Covid-19 crisis, then indeed you are blessed. However, that is not the fate of several individuals around us whose services have been deemed essential, either by government order or by the need of this hour. Some of these people cross our paths everyday, namely the society security guards and cleaners. 

Coronavirus or not, our society security guards and cleaners are often the heroes of our communities without the cape. Their importance is only highlighted intensely in this situation. The security guards and cleaners are the residential communities’ frontline workers in this battle against COVID-19. Everyday, in thousands of residential communities across the country, security guards and cleaners are reporting for duty.

How Are Society Security Guards And Cleaners Helping to Contain The Pandemic?

With social distancing and isolation being the norm, a lot about how apartment complexes function has changed. There is a bar on the entrance of visitors, delivery personnel and domestic staff. The security guards are in charge of making sure this barring works. It is no mean feat to ensure this barring is implemented in a community of 200+ or 500+ or 1500+ units. 

Contactless deliveries has become the new law in all housing societies. Correct receipt of all parcels, food or non food items, has become the responsibility of the security guards. It is their efficiency that is contributing to residents safely receiving their packages even at a time like this, without any confusion. Imagine the logistics security guards have to handle now when they take responsibility for implementing contactless deliveries for hundreds of families. It is also these guards, who besides their regular work of manning the gates, are ensuring all packages are received by the residents properly. A 1500+ units community in South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal is using it’s society security force as internal volunteers to assist senior citizens of the community. The force has risen high beyond their call of duty. 

Another 300+ units apartment complex in Caranzalem, Goa rely on their security force to coordinate the delivery vans coming to the community with essential goods for the residents. They are working 24*7 for our safety, our convenience. 

What About The Cleaners?

Imagine what if your community housekeeping staff decided to not come for work for safety concerns? The strict isolation and no-visitor policy will save you from COVID-19, but the piling garbage and the general lack of cleanliness will only lead to other problems – spread of bacterial or fungal infection, rampant movement of rodents and insects are a few things that come to mind. The cleaners today have become as much part of society security as the guards who patrol our premises.

All communities across the country have equipped security guards and cleaners with proper masks, gloves and aprons for their individual safety. A 3000+ units society in Bangalore has even arranged for the housekeeping staff to go through a complete medicated disinfection process after they are done with their work for the day. 

We, at ADDA, take this opportunity to cheer for the unsung heroes of COVID-19 – our beloved society security guards and cleaners. They have shown us the true spirit of our motto to Rise High. We congratulate them for their sincere service to keep us safe in these unpredictable times. 

Here is the link of a certificate we designed to show our gratitude to the community staff without whom we couldn’t have fought this battle so well. Please feel free to download it, fill up the gaps and present it to our foot soldiers to bring a smile on their face. 

Society Security And Cleaners Appreciation Certificate

Capture Of Appreciation Certificate


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Managing Security Personnel In Apartment Complexes with Society Security App

Managing security personnel in apartment complexes is a serious topic. Since a good number of upper middle class reside in gated communities, petty thieves sometimes make attempts to break in and rob something of value. While every housing society will have guards posted at the gates and intermittently at other places throughout the apartment complex, there is still a lot of confusion about how many should be assigned where and what their tasks should be.

If you are an MC struggling to optimize usage of security personnel, here’s what you need to know.

1. Get The Right Insights with the Society Security App – ADDA GateKeeper

Most people resort to checking traffic at the gate and general atmosphere of the apartment at any given point of time to decide who goes where and how many guards should be stationed at the gates. But sadly, this isn’t a very effective method.

Here’s the alternative that we suggest.

I’m sure you are aware of the product we have built (building). ADDA is a very popular society security app and is much loved by MCs and residents across 80 cities and over 3,500+ apartment complexes. ADDA is what you need to get the right insights. While it also gives you many other benefits, we’re going to focus on how it helps you utilize your guards better.

You’ll need stats on what times the traffic at the gate is highest/ lowest so that guards can be stationed there accordingly.You’ll need to know when the pool is used most so extra helping hands can be there to prevent potential accidents.Same applies for the playgrounds. Extra eyes to watch over the little ones while they play.

These are all inputs that the ADDA  society security app can provide you with. Vital inputs that will tell you whether you need to increase the number of guards or even let go of some because they are not needed. Guards are expensive to hire, making a wrong decision can cost you a lot of money.

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2. Hire A Reputable Agency

It has become a common practice among MCs to hire a security agency to supply guards. This does have benefits, most personnel come with basic safety training. Police verification, background checks etc would be cleared and above all, they may require very little training to settle into the job. So there, it seems great.

But. If you hire an agency with a questionable reputation, you may not only end up losing valuable cash, you’ll also be making compromises on the safety of your residents and the society in general.

Always best to hire an agency with a large footprint and a decent tenure in the industry.

3. Have A Plan Of Action – Teach The Guards About It

It is always recommended to have an emergency plan in place. In case of emergency, the guards would be expected to step up and take action. Either instruct the agency to train the guards for it or train them yourself on site.

Ideally, there should be a specific plan for each emergency. Fire, medical, man/child missing etc. And there should be one person dedicatedly monitoring the CCTV footage. Apart from this, make sure the guards have a thorough understanding of the architecture and plan of the entire gated community.

Human Error Is Still Possible

As an MC, you need to understand that depending on humans to look after all your security needs is probably a bad idea. The guards are humans, after all, they are prone to error. To make sure that they do the best and that everything stays smooth, equip them with a technical backbone. The ADDA GateKeeper is the best ever security solutions tool for apartment complexes. It is a tablet-based society security app management system that allows you to keep digital records of everything from visitors log to staff attendance and much more.

If you are looking for a way to strengthen the security system equip your guards with the ADDA GateKeeper – a product commonly called as the security nerve centre of apartment complexes!


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