About Estancia

Estancia is a sprawling 82 acre world-class totally integrated township with 600 Apartments in Chennai.

Estancia is one of the most prestigious Apartments in Chennai.

Started using ADDA Security since August 2016.

The Challenge

Identification of Residents from Visitors

The Owners Association here was looking for a solution at the security which would easily identify residents from visitors.

This was an important requirement as many of the residents here were students from a few neighboring colleges who would bring in many friends posing as residents and hence their complex and common facilities were often overcrowded and misused.

Also, once a person is identified as a visitor the association wanted to ensure correct entry of the person’s data is done and notification is sent to the owner regarding the visitor.

To tackle such problems, Id cards are usually provided as a separate printed card, to all residents, which consumes a lot of money and effort to implement. Plus when asked for the card, residents often state that they have left it at home.

The Solution

ADDA Security provided Estancia with an effective solution. A digital resident ID card was made available inside the ADDA App, an App which Apartment residents also use for making maintenance payments, having conversations with fellow residents, raising helpdesk tickets, etc.

It easily solved all such issues and also put to rest the problem of identifying residents at security gate or society club house.

  • Digital Resident ID

    Resident ID card available inside the ADDA App, same App which residents use for Internal Discussions, Society Helpdesk, Bill Payment.
  • Visitor Notification to Residents

    A notification is sent to the Apartment owner/Resident intimating that a visitor has checked in against his/her apartment. The system is designed to be non-intrusive yet providing a facility to residents to raise an alert in case there is an anomaly, e.g., an unwanted visitor checks in at the gate, or a visitor daily enters taking the name of a locked flat.
  • Integration

    A SINGLE integrated system means no duplication of our contacts database, useful reports cutting across modules (e.g attendance report and agency invoice), ease of use for our Manager who has to look into one single system for everything

The Results

  • More than 150 Visitor entries are registered on the GateKeeper App everyday
  • 150+ Gate Passes printed everyday
  • 16,548* verified Visitor entries done since August 2016, whose authenticity earlier was unverifiable.

*As on 2018-03-21

Owners or Tenants residing in Estancia can join their ADDA from here - Estancia ADDA

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