With this apartment visitor management system, prevent unwanted visitors entering

Visitor Management System

Keep track of visitors coming to your home and prevent unwanted visitors to enter, from anywhere you are. Historical record of all visitors to your flat is available at your fingertips.


apartment staff management system to track the attendance of cook, maid, driver etc
apartment emergency management system using panic alert option in ADDA GateKeeper app

Call for Immediate Assistance from Neighbors, Guards

Though inside the gates of your residential complex, there can be several occasions where you might need immediate help. It may be an unwanted person trying to enter your flat, it maybe a burglary you witness or a medical emergency at home.

The Panic Alert feature, with a single button press, guarantees swift emergency assistance from the people who are the nearest, Neighbors & Security Guards.


Staff Gift Pass Management - ADDA GateKeeper
mobile intercom

Mobile Intercom

When a visitor comes to your apartment, the best person to authorize his/her entry is the person who is at home. This maybe your homemaker or aged parents (there is no need for a smartphone for availing this feature).

ADDA Gatekeeper provides a smart way to provide an At-Home number to the security guards to call and authenticate visitor entry.


Find staffs recommended by neighbours in ADDA GateKeeper
Add Expected visitors in Visitor Management Software - ADDA GateKeeper

Expected Visitors

Make your guests feel welcome by pre-authorizing their entry to your apartment. Guests will get notifications, complete with map location of the complex and your flat number. This notification will be used at the gate to provide a seamless entry to guests.

The notification can be of two types - A Quick Response code valid for the selected multiple dates (can be reused as per the allowed dates) and as an SMS verification.


Resident ID Card - ADDA GateKeeper
Private Social Network for Gated Communities

Private Social Network

ADDA gives residents and MCs a private social network to interact and collaborate for various causes.

  1. Discussion forums - A space for organized discussions on matters related to the apartment.
  2. Groups - A feature that allows like minded members of the society to come together and share their thoughts.
  3. Online polls - Provide your opinion on community related matters, right from your App
  4. Photos - Preserve photos of community events through Albums.


Helpdesk Tracker
Apartment Resident Directory


View list of your Neighbors, Management Committee members, place calls to them right from the App or initiate one to one Conversations.



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