visitors tracking and notification

Visitor Notification

Keep track of visitors coming to your home and prevent unwanted visitors to enter, from anywhere you are. Historical record of all visitors to your flat is available at your fingertips.


domestic help attendance tracking

Domestic Staff Management

Now to know whether your Cook/Maid/Driver has come to your complex, all you need to do is check your App.

Be in the know other apartment/condos your domestic help is working in, their bank details for making online salary payment, neighbor’s reviews about the staff you employ.

panic alert for residents during emergency

Call for Immediate Assistance from Neighbors, Guards

Though inside the gates of your residential complex, there can be several occasions where you might need immediate help. It may be an unwanted person trying to enter your flat, it maybe a burglary you witness or a medical emergency at home.

The Panic Alert feature, with a single button press, guarantees swift emergency assistance from the people who are the nearest, Neighbors & Security Guards.

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