community visitors verification

Digital validation of Visitor Details for Better Security

Information entered by the visitors can be verified digitally. Prevent anyone from giving false information and getting access to your complex.


visitor management at gate

Faster Check Ins & Better Queue Management

At the Security Gate, check In becomes fast & easy. Faster entry of guests, delivery/courier guys, home service personnel and staff ensures zero queue up at the gate.

Details of regular visitors are maintained separately and are given fast track entry. Staff information is pre populated and can be checked in through a single tap.


visitor duration monitoring

Visitor Duration Monitoring

Security Guards get alerted when visitors (delivery boys, home service providers, etc.) are overstaying inside the complex.

Such pro-active security goes a long way in protecting your residential community from any possible crime!

Verify residents vs visitors
Verify Residents Vs Visitors

Can stop impostors trying to enter claiming to be residents/owners

capture photos of visitors
Capture photos of Visitors

Visitor’s photo can be captured for providing an extra level of security.

mobile intercom
Mobile Intercom

Ability to call Residents on their phones in case intercom goes unanswered or not present

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You may call your gated community Housing Society, Villa Complex, Apartment Complex/Building, Strata Community or Condo Building. ADDA GateKeeper is the perfect solution for your visitor, staff management and security related problems.

Say goodbye to the old way of using manual registers at your security gates!

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