Jalandhar Heights
Mr. Vivek Chandra Sinha
Century Indus, Bangalore
ADDA Gatekeeper provides a very good experience to our apartment visitors. Features like panic alert are very useful in case of any emergency. A complete solution for staff, vendor tracking, clubhouse activity tracking. An end to end apartment gate management system for all the security needs of your apartment. A step towards making Century Indus a next gen apartment.
Jalandhar Heights
Mr. Arun Khanna
Jalandhar Heights Welfare Society, Punjab
The ADDA GateKeeper app has been a big boon in ensuring the security monitoring of our society. It has eased the entry of our apartment’s regular visitors. Through this visitor management software, our residents can now pre enter their guests as expected visitors which has helped reduce the visitors queue at the main gate. The app has also helped us in blocking the entry of blacklisted maids and staff. We wish the TEAM ADDA all the very best!
TVH Lumbini square
Mr. Mahadevan
TVH Lumbini Square, Chennai
We are happy with ADDA Gatekeeper. No manual work. Visitor check-ins and checkouts are handled at ease. Security-enhanced in multi-fold.
Mr. Arun Gulbadher
Prakruti Pearl, Thane
When my friends & family visited me, I shared their details as expected visitors through visitor management app, ADDA GateKeeper and without any difficulty they had a hassle-free visitor entry at the security gate. They were like - Wow! They said that they got a great welcome note, along with the convenience of route map link. As an admin, I can keep a tab on the current visitors logs in my apartment. I can check the daily attendance logs of domestic staff in our apartment and track which flats they will be visiting. GateKeeper’s security insights and analytics helped us in supervising our security team on our own. As we move forward, we will start using biometric attendance system etc. Thanks ADDA Gatekeeper team for effortless implementation, training our security team and for your seamless support.
Mr. Noel
78 Gokuldham, Ahmedabad
Earlier it was difficult to manage our society’s security records. It was really hard to maintain a pile of manual visitor registers in a simple and systematic way. But after implementing GateKeeper in our society, it has become an easy job, which helps us in saving a lot of time and effort. It is a wonderful apartment security software!!!
The residents were excited about the gatekeeper features when they got visitor check in notifications against their flat on their ADDA app. They are now able to view their apartment visitor logs etc.
ADDA Security team’s proactive support and efforts are tremendous.... We are looking forward to see more feature implementation on GateKeeper.
Thank you again for making our life easier and safe...
skylark esta
Mr. Manoranjan Mohanty
Skylark Esta, Bangalore
It's a really a great product with robust features for security. After implementation of this apartment visitor management system, we were able to track at real time all entry, exits, notifications on entry, guest entry mechanism. It has also reduced the paper usage by 85%.
The beautiful feature which got added recently is gift pass mechanism wherein the security can really track the items/valuables exiting via main gate if it has been authorized by residents or not.
ramky one north testimonial
Mr. Anand Kumar B
Ramky One North, Bangalore
ADDA GateKeeper is a very user-friendly app. It has replaced all manual work, thereby saving a lot of time & money.
Mantri Residency
Mr. Santosh
Mantri Residency, Bangalore
ADDA Gatekeeper has been a tremendous value add to us. It has replaced 24 registers for manual entry and drastically reduced the supervision time by the Management Committee. It's seamless integration with the ADDA ERP is another reason why we chose Gatekeeper over similar products and we are glad we did so.

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