gatepass printer integration

Gate Pass Printer

If you are using manual Gate Passes in your complex, then there are lot of problems which you must be facing; Information is mostly illegible, Manual errors happen while entering visiting date/time.

Also the passes can be tampered/reused by miscreants.

With ADDA Gate Pass printer which is integrated with ADDA Gatekeeper:

  • Pass is automatically printed whenever the visitor checks in
  • Printed data cannot be tampered/reused


biometric device integration

Biometric Devices

Save on Staff Attendee Costs using Biometric Attendance Systems. This solution involves a Single Device - wall mounted, that reads Biometric Finger Prints as well as RFID Cards

  • Attendance with Evidence for Society Staff
  • Ability to stop blacklisted, retired staff from entering complex
  • LIVE Attendance reports, useful for Expense Tracker
  • Use for Monitoring Night Patrolling of Guards
  • Remove dependency on Guards through 100% automated staff Entry

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