About Brigade Pinnacle

Brigade Pinnacle is the first of its kind high rise situated in Derebail, Mangaluru. It has been developed by the Brigade Group. Spread over 3.30 acres, the high rise comprises three towers, with a total of 394 units.

Brigade Pinnacle sees a sizeable volume of daily visitors everyday, including regular staff. Considering approximately 40% residents are senior citizens, a meticulous security system was the need of the day.

Started using ADDA Gatekeeper since 10th January, 2019.

ADDA GateKeeper - Visitor Management Software for Brigade Pinnacle

The Challenge

Fear Of Technology

The guards and residents were wary of handling the app. They felt apprehensive about taking the leap from manual systems to a technology-driven arrangement

Multiple Ledgers

Visitors, staff and service delivery personnel had to sign in and sign out to enter and exit the community. The manual system often missed keeping a real-time registration of entry and exit. The system of maintaining multiple ledgers at the same time often caused confusion and unnecessary complication.

Availability of Internet

The users were worried about the functionality of the app without internet connection.

The Solution

Brigade Pinnacle sees a huge volume of visitors every day. This includes 1,500+ cars, 1,200+ visitors. The following features from the ADDA GateKeeper has helped Brigade Pinnacle manage large flow of visitors and vehicles at the gate.

  • Diligent Training:

    The ADDA Team conducted on-site training on multiple levels. The security guards were patiently trained to use each and every feature of the app. Concerned Management Committee members received training to use the app. They were simultaneously trained to be of assistance to the guards and residents regarding app usage.
  • One Hardware For All Purposes:

    ADDA Gatekeeper allows users to create a database of regular visitors like house staff and delivery personnel. A single click is enough to check in and check out; thereby saving time, avoiding queues and negligible chances of missing entries. It also allowed residents to pre-authorise and authenticate visitors to their private units. However, all these records can be maintained in just one single hardware - a laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone.
  • Offline Functionality :

    The Gatekeeper app is designed to function offline. In case of an internet blackout, the app can still register data and upload it to the cloud once internet services are resumed.

The Results

  • 14509* verified Visitor entries done since Feb-2019, whose authenticity earlier was unverifiable.
  • More than 140 Visitor entries are registered on ADDA Gatekeeper application everyday with the Visitor check-in notification sent to the resident.
  • Quick Digital Visitor Data entries has resulted in reduction of long Visitor queues.
  • More than 5000* Staff entries are registered on ADDA Gatekeeper application.
  • More than 60 Staff entries are registered on ADDA Gatekeeper application everyday with the Staff check-in notification sent to the resident.

*As on 2024-07-16

ADDA GateKeeper - Visitor Management System ensuring gated community security

Owners or Tenants residing in Brigade Pinnacle can join their ADDA from here - Brigade Pinnacle ADDA

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