About Ceebros Boulevard

Ceebros Boulevard by Ceebros Construction is one of the most prestigious residential apartment society in Chennai.

Ceebros Boulevard has 11 blocks and 352 residences and is located in Old Mahabalipuram road

Started using ADDA GateKeeper since July 2016.

ADDA GateKeeper - Gate Management System for Ceebros Boulevard

The Challenge

Water Tanker Management

Ceebros Boulevard wanted a gate management system which could also monitor water tanker movement through the gate.

A lot of pilferage happens from water tankers. Data captured would also lie in registers which would not be reviewed regularly. As regular monitoring is not done, water supply vendors often tend to advantage, providing incorrect data, going away without offloading the full tanker of water, etc.

The Association members here thus wanted a real time monitoring system using which, they could perform surprise audits to check if processes set are being followed and if the security guards are taking down right data.

The Solution

ADDA GateKeeper proved to be the perfect solution for Ceebros Boulevard. Providing them with facility to monitor not only water tankers but entry/exit of any goods through the gate (like diesel for generators, etc.).

Also with ADDA GateKeeper, they implemented a robust system to manage their security gate and made their community more secure.

  • Water Tanker Management

    Digital Data entries are done in the ADDA GateKeeper App. The Management Committee can any time track and Monitor the Water Tanker data to avoid any fradulances.
  • Visitor Notification to Residents

    A notification is sent to the apartment owner/resident intimating that a visitor has checked in against his/her apartment. The system is designed to be non-intrusive yet providing a facility to residents to raise an alert in case there is an anomaly, e.g., an unwanted visitor checks in at the gate, or a visitor daily enters taking the name of a locked flat.
  • Integration

    A SINGLE integrated system means no duplication of our contacts database, useful reports cutting across modules (e.g attendance report and agency invoice), ease of use for our Manager who has to look into one single system for everything

The Results

  • 20+ Water Tankers Digital entries registered and monitored everyday.
  • More than 170 Visitor entries are registered on the GateKeeper App everyday
  • 170+ Gate Passes printed everyday
  • 23,039* verified Visitor entries done since July 2016, whose authenticity earlier was unverifiable.

*As on 2024-06-23

ADDA GateKeeper - Gated Community Software ensuring gated community security

Owners or Tenants residing in Ceebros Boulevard can join their ADDA from here - Ceebros Boulevard ADDA

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